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    Sitting balls and balance tools for health and well-being


    For more than 60 years, TOGU stands for quality, tradition and progress. The health of the people is at the heart of the premium manufacturer of air-filled training and therapy devices. That is why TOGU presents numerous highlights “made in Germany” this year at the international medical trade fair MEDICA. Particularly noteworthy are the TOGU Jumper® and the Powerball ABS®. In addition, the concepts of “healthy training” and “healthy sitting” are presented.

    From November 14th to 17th the MEDICA in Düsseldorf opens its doors for the medical sector this year. Nearly 5,000 exhibitors from 70 nations use the trade fair to present the entire range of new products, services and procedures for outpatient and inpatient patient care. TOGU presents its highlights, new developments and concepts in Hall 04 / booth G16.

    Trampoline Ball as a balance tool
    The Jumper® is a multifunctional balance trainer for versatile use. It can be utilized in physiotherapy, training or workout at home and allows numerous strength, endurance and coordination exercises. With simple and effective exercises, people of every age and achievement level actively improve their own performance and well-being. The air-filled trampoline ball made of resistant ruton on a glass-fiber reinforced base plate – similar to the trampoline effect – returns vibrations directly to the trainer. The resulting balancing movements of the body are used to address the back muscles, the spine as well as knee and ankle joints.

    Sitting ball for a healthy body
    The Powerball ABS® (Anti-Burst System) is an absolute all-rounder. It can be used at the workplace as an alternative to the static office chair or as a training device for intensive, powerful training. The ball provides an upright posture while sitting, whilst at the same time, it is stimulating pelvic, abdominal and back muscles. The training with the Powerball ABS® places high demands on the ability to coordinate and balance. But the unique feature of the Powerballs ABS® lies in its production process and the burst-proof material used. The safety system functions in the same way as an airbag system in the car: in the event of damage to the ball, for example by sharp edges, the safety material prevents a sudden bursting. The air passes slowly through the hole. This prevents injuries due to an unexpected fall. TOGU is the only manufacturer to guarantee this.

    Simple and uncomplicated health promotion
    In addition to product highlights TOGU is also keen to present its health concepts at the trade fair. While “healthy exercise” consists of fifteen-minute exercise programs with many different training goals as well as different indications which was developed in close collaboration with doctors, “healthy sitting” is mainly about the promotion of back health. The air-filled training and therapy devices of the premium manufacturer TOGU can be used during the period of sitting as an active dynamic support for a backtracking with great effect. Both concepts represent an uncomplicated as well as fast training in everyday life, which is above all to give pleasure to movement. In addition to this, there are TOGU products suitable for every need and purpose – for example the seatballs – which significantly increase the training effect.

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