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    TOGU innovations at MEDICA 2015


    The premium manufacturer of air-filled training and therapy devices, TOGU, is represented again this year with several new products - Made in Germany - at the international medical trade fair MEDICA. The Actiroll® is the first air-filled roll for myofascial release and self massage. The Brasil® Base Plus is the new development for balance exercises and back training. Relax-Nex® Thermo will relax your body by using the new hot & cold thermo gel filling.

    From November 16th to 19th, more than 4.900 exhibitors from 70 nations meet at MEDICA in Dusseldorf in order to present the full range of new products, services and procedures for patient care and therapy. TOGU presents its further developments and innovations in hall 04 on booth G16.

    TOGU Actiroll® – air-filled massage roll, new in size M
    The Actiroll® – made in Germany – is a new air-filled regeneration tool for self-massage and myofascial release and relaxation. It can be adjusted easily to different hardness by using the attached hand pump. So Actiroll® is perfect to reach new progressions in exercises and to be used by different individuals. The air-filling causes an absorbing effect. Therefore it is also allowed and recommended to roll and move even on joints and vertebral bodies. The wave-like structured surface enables to a more effective, smooth and deeply working massage. This roll offers a variety of use in training and therapy. The Actiroll® is light, easy, long-lasting and space saving to use. Due to a massage on the roll under use of your own body weight adhesions and tensions can be solved. Therefore your blood circulation can be improved. The Actiroll® Wave is used in fascia fitness, training and therapy. The material Ruton is hardened, robust and easy to clean, skin friendly, odorless and 100% recyclable.

    TOGU Brasil® Base Plus is balance trainer and therapy tool in one
    Brasil® Base Plus – made in Germany – combines an airfilled part and a stable base plate - two pieces of equipment rolled into one, providing even more training and therapy options for sensorimotor functions and coordination. With this simple and effective tool you can train your deep musculature. You get a direct feedback on your movements and protect your joints and ankles due to the air-filled and therefore individually adjustable base.The Brasil® Base Plus is ideal for physiotherapy, home fitness training and for Brasil® group classes in the gym. The airfilled surface is balance trainer and balance board in one piece. It enhances also body awareness, blood circulation and concentration. Particularly suitable for balance exercises on one leg in physiotherapy and functional training - can also be used upside down! With extra skid-proof material for absolute safety. The Brasil® Base Plus can be used in pairs or in a row depending on the sport (e.g. football, golf, tennis, skiing, etc.).

    Relax-Nex® Thermo – Hot-cold cushion for relaxation and regeneration
    The Relax-Nex® Thermo - made in Germany – is a new hot-cold pillow with special thermo-gel filling. Due to the pleasant - 100% skin-friendly - design it adapts to your body during the application. The use is recommended especially for the neck, shoulders and back. In the heated state it can give regeneration, massage and relaxed feeling. Ideal after a long day's work or relaxation in between. Due to the slight wave structure on the surface the massage effect is even smoother. Place the pillow while lying under the neck and shoulder area. The muscles are released and relaxed by the heat. The blood circulation may be stimulated. In a cold state, the cushion can support the regeneration after exercising and sports. The Relax-Nex® Thermo pad can be applied both in training and therapy as well as at home. The Relax-Nex® Thermo is extremely resistant and durable. It is easy to clean, hygienic, odorless and 100% recyclable. For heating use your microwave or a water bath. Cooling can be done in the refrigerator (not in the freezer!). Please follow carefully the instructions for use.

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