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    The new Actisan® Studio Linie – the hygienic solution for training


    Germs are spreading where sweat is pouring. Especially for gyms hygiene is an important issue. However who is looking after the users whether they disinfect their equipment? In particular for small equipment such as balls and ball cushions this proves to be difficult in real life. But it is here, where direct contact with bare skin is quite common. FIBO, the leading fair for fitness, wellness and health takes place from April 14 – 17th in Essen. TOGU, the specialist for inflatable training tools made in Germany, will present the Actisan Studio Line here. Jumper, Dynair Ballcushion and Pendelball are some of the products that will be presented. They are specially made of materials with antimicrobial effect against viruses and bacteria to meet the needs of gyms. It is the innovation 2011 concerning hygiene.

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    TOGU Actisan Dynair XXL | 29.03.2011 | JPEG, 7x7cm, 300dpi | 0.9MB
    TOGU Actisan Dynair XXL | 29.03.2011 | JPEG, 7x7cm, 300dpi | 0.9MB
    Actisan Logo | 23.03.2011 | JPEG, 7x7cm, 300dpi | 0.6MB
    Actisan Products | 23.03.2011 | JPEG, 7x7cm, 300dpi | 0.1MB
    Pendel Ball mini grey | 23.03.2011 | JPEG, 7x7cm, 300dpi | 2.2MB
    My Ball grey | 23.03.2011 | JPEG, 7x7cm, 300dpi | 0.9MB
    AGR_Guetesiegel_PendelBall_engl.jpg | 01.06.2010 | JPEG, 7x7cm, 300dpi | 0.5MB
    Dynair_XXL_Guetesiegel | 20.01.2010 | JPEG, 7x7cm, 300dpi | 0.2MB
    FT_PowerBallExtreme_ABS | 09.03.2008 | JPG, 12 x 8cm, 300dpi | 0.6MB